Jul 10, 2014

To Minister Full-Time or Not To Minister Full-Time?

A few weeks ago, I went to the 2014 Ravi Zacharias Int'l Min. Summer Institute, at Wheaton College, outside of Chicago, Illinois.  What a time it was connecting with other brothers and sisters who wanted to go deeper in their faith.  Also, it was spiritually refreshing because each morning started with Praise and Worship songs and a study on the Ten Commandments.  Even with all of these special moments that were a part of the week's events, I left with an interesting feeling that I still was not clear on what God has for me next.  The one thing that I had learned growing up is that if you are going to do the work of Christ, it is not to be played with because we knew of many that called themselves "ministers" but did not truly live it out.

Now, I do know that we are all to be ministers of the gospel after we come to Christ, so in that sense, I am a minister (and I take it very seriously).  But I am thinking of devoting my entire life to ministry and all that would entail (visiting the sick and shut-in, counseling, preaching, teaching, managing a ministry's funds, etc.). This I take seriously because the God that I serve will not allow for me to continue in being a false teacher and I believe the consequences are big for those who do such things, whether in this life or in eternity. Therefore, I am continually thinking over what it means to me to want to see transformed lives in Christ.  At the same time, I guess that it is a 'good' thing that I am weighing things outs spiritually when it comes to this particular issue.  Whenever I have spoke to my pastor, my uncle, the man who married me and my wife, and other ministers (including a surrogate mother), I have found that many men and women of God have taken time, years even, to come to the right decision led by God.

There is so much to think of being a full-time minister for the Lord that seems exciting to me and, at the same time, it is a bit nerve-wracking.  I think of the moments when I might inspire others to desire more of God, spark something in someone else or that God would use me to be a part of some kind of spiritual awakening. Whatever is to happen in my ministry, I hope to maintain that God is to be praised and given all the credit and I can remember that ministry has its lows as well.  I have found out from others that you can have some dark days in ministry and people can break your heart.  At the same time, I have come to see through Scripture, how God can use those times in His Will too (I believe one can look at the ups and downs in the life of Moses).  Also, Jesus is always the example of how to go about life in general and ministry specifically. So, when the days are great and other times are depressing or bad, I should hold to the God that sits high and looks low.  He Will see me through whatever it is that He has for me or will allow for me because He is all-knowing and has Providence in all matters.

At the end of the day, I just hope to grow in seeing lives changed in Christ, which expresses that I am a minister, one who is waiting for God to change the number of hours of my ministry as He sees fit.