Mar 8, 2015

Christian and Gay? What's Your Motivation?

[This Presupposes that You're a Christian.]

     Where did you first get the idea that being "gay" was okay?  Where did you first find the idea that a person might be "born gay?"  Where did you initially read or study God's Word and think to yourself (as you struggled with thoughts of same-sex attraction): "This works with the attractions that I have been having lately!" These questions are not necessarily what you should have been thinking before, but I am just using these questions to point to a deeper issue that worries me in the Christian community.  Therefore, it will NOT focus on building arguments for or against the belief that Christians can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and/or can or cannot be married.  No, brothers and sisters, this will delve into an issue that definitely needs some discussion, prayer, and honest self-reflection.  The question is: is being a Christian that claims to be gay, an honest issue from a deeper desire to be more Christ-like from inside the Church to outside, or is it a push from outside the Church to conform a supposedly Christ-like image to a more culture-accepted reflection?

     Now, this question can and should actually be asked of any thing that comes from our surrounding secular society and is trying to find its way into the hearts of the saints and the Church.  What I mean is: there seems to be in many cases that Christians find things that they like on the outside of the Church, then they find in some way or another, it conflicts with some aspects of their faith and from there they find it best to re-read the Bible and re-think what they believe to see if this new thing will fit into their worldview.  As far as I know, I have not heard of a bunch of Christians in any century that got together, and studying God’s Word found that homosexuality might just work in some contexts.  Where has it been written that a major Christian group (before these postmodern times) had spoken of and written of same-sex attraction as being another way of life for a person claiming to be in Christ?  This is an honest question and not coming from a place of sarcasm.  I might end up learning something new if my question can be given an honest answer.

     But at present age, we as Christians are continuing on a trajectory that I believe will continue to do more damage than good to what we say to others we believe in.  This writing will not be one that wants to condemn others, but encourages thoughts about the implications of rewriting and "reworking" certain truths to mold them to what is going on outside the Body of Christ.  I do not believe this is just a "Christian gay" phenomena and we all must be careful of doing this, no matter if it deals with sexual orientation or the hobbies you like.  Let's say, for example, you like the idea of getting a tattoo.  Is this desire one that comes from a deep desire to be conformed to the image of Christ, which is Scriptural, or did you think the bodily artwork of a person that you knew was worth you going out to get your body "inked"?  Oh sure, many will take their "ink" and "give glory" to God with Scripture on their arm, and I must admit it does look interesting, but it was not something that was initially started by Christians, and the world did not pick up on some new "Christian artform."  What disappoints me is that Christians will see what is going on in the world, then try to flip it and put a little spiritual stamp on it.  But the world knows better, and they know where it came from first.  Again, this is not to condemn or demean anyone, only to encourage us to really evaluate our motivations for doing the things that we like or even struggle with when it comes to aligning our very lives with the Word of God.  When doing a deep analysis of one's own desires, all the while asking God to shape you in a way that He sees fit, that glorifies Him and gives you a striking resemblance to the Savior, you (and I) might just find that we had not wanted to be as conformed to the image of Christ found in the Bible (from Genesis to Revelations) as we thought we had.

Do you enjoy something that is prevalent in society, but not typically in the Body of Christ?  Do you desire to participate in that very thing?  Ask yourself: What is my real motivation?

"Romans 12:2 NIV
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."


Joyce Ashley said...

Very thought-provoking! :) Thank you, Jerome!

Jerome A. Danner said...

Thank you!

Jorge Gil Calderon said...

The type of questions you posited in this blog are the ones that we need to ask others as much as we need to ask to ourselves. I do think that our motivation play a key part since, intent is always prior to content, the motive should be front and center at all times. Talk about Christian labels and the "christianization" of "cool and modern ideas" a very dangerous and fine line that may get blurry as you approach it. Good post my friend.

Gordon Wayne Watts said...

You ask about being born gay? Well, the orientation (preference) is partly under genetic influence (as shown by how identical twins are more similar than average), but partly environmental as well. (If it were 100% genetic, then identical twins' orientations would be identical 100 of the time, but that is not so.)

Moreover, there's a difference between orientation/preference (which is merely a temptation), and lifestyle (action, which is either sin -- or not sin -depending on the action).

Orientation - and lifestyle = BIG difference! >>Proof:

Even Jesus was tempted - yet without sin: Hebrews 4:15.

The matter is fully explored in my brief, for which I am asking leave (permission) for file in the US Supreme Court, like the appeals court let me - in defense of Biblical marriage, but in a way that is respectful to gays, and addresses some of their legitimate complaints:

the Appeals Court DID let me file: what's the problem with the high court... :(

See also:

For case files: see Lady Justice, on the right, and look beneath her:

Gordon Wayne Watts
LAKELAND, Fla. (between Tampa & Orlando)

Neil said...

Well said! Our nature is such that we want to judge the Bible instead of letting it judge us. And great question about why no one in church history discovered this new teaching until the secular western world did.