Jan 26, 2016

Abortion Is Not Wrong Because the Religious Say So

In the past couple of days, news has come out that David Daleiden, who is the head of the Center for Medical Progress, and Susan Merritt, have both been indicted by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, with charges that are related to the controversial videos released showing officials with Planned Parenthood attempting to gain from the illegal sale of fetal tissue.  They have been charged with a felony of tampering with a governmental record (for creating and showing California driver's licenses with the intent to defraud) and a misdemeanor charge in connection with the purchase of human organs.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out in the media considering this has been a hot-button issue since the secretly recorded videos of "actors" speaking with Planned Parenthood officials were released last summer.  If any person looks up articles on this piece of news on Daleiden and Merritt, then you are bound to see all kinds of comments from our prochoice brothers and sisters showing that they are ecstatic with these charges.  Many will believe that this confirms their beliefs that Planned Parenthood were targeted by these "anti-abortionists" and that the truth will come out soon enough that will vindicate Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing.  Prochoice proponents will continue to believe that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America are all about providing reproductive health services and getting resources out to women for their healthcare.

(picture from - http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/04/pro-life-community-vows-to-continue-fight-to-defund-planned-parenthood/)

The fascinating thing is that many people think that this somehow has had an effect on what some Planned Parenthood advocates may consider to be the "truth" of Planned Parenthood's modus operandi.  That is, that Planned Parenthood is just about women's healthcare and reproductive health services and nothing about their having any possible involvement in the selling of fetal tissue.  Those same advocates seem to worry that they may have lost the respect that they once had; as if these controversial videos will affect the view of them as being an organization with caring and compassionate employees in the fight for women.  It is admirable to see many backing Planned Parenthood, even for this prolifer.  I admire people being vocal about what they believe.

My problem is this: the personal failings of one who is against your beliefs does not then make your beliefs true or right.  Many people, who leave comments to articles, tend to give ad hominem attacks against what they disagree with.  So, instead of arguing against the prolife viewpoint, they throw fallacy after fallacy against it, especially when the argument is coming from religious groups, which tend to be the case.  It shows in many cases, on both sides of the aisle of the abortion issue, that many people do not know how to be logical in the defense of their belief.  Abortion is not wrong because a person with a particular religious worldview says so (although I do believe that following Christ should deter many of us from having a pro-abortion belief); abortion is wrong because it is inflicting harm and causing the end to a life (inside of the womb).  Abortion snuffs out a creation.  A creation that (in many cases) would not bring any harm to its mother (whether they want to accept that role or title or not).  If the data from science and medicine shows us that life begins at conception, then why are we looking at life as anything other than what it is.

What is my point in all of this spill on abortion being the wrong choice to make when a young lady becomes pregnant?  What am I trying to say when I tell you that you should argue against a person's belief, based off of how logical it is and how it stands next to reality?  I hope that I am getting across that if one thinks through the issue at hand with clarity and honesty, they can see that it is not at all about Daleiden, or Merritt, or those controversial videos.  Yes, they play a part in how we see things and how the story is told because Kermit Gosnell plays a part in how we see things also (please look up the name and see how the media bypassed news of him).  But, primarily, it should be about why do we even have to argue about the destruction of lives in the womb.  When did abortion become such a top-of-the-list option for "bad-timing pregnancies?"  Does our society have a moral issue on our hands that is becoming second nature to the next generation?

I honestly hope that Daleiden and Merritt did not lie and create untruths about Planned Parenthood.  But, honestly, I do not care.  Let me give a quick anecdote and conclude this thought piece.  Can you think about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King?  Dr. King (to most of us) would be considered a true hero in his fight for equality for all.  Most of us have seen his speeches played time and time again and have seen many documentaries on him.  But in many of those documentaries, you rarely see information about his possible dalliances with other women.  Movies give a scene or two to it, but it does not typically go any further than that.  (Whether they are true or not is not what I am getting at, although at this point, it seems that these affairs were true.)  If it is true that Dr. King was living a double life, does it really take away from racism and Jim Crow laws being wrong?  If Dr. King can be considered as being an unfaithful husband, or not being about the truthful to his wife, does that eradicate his work in the civil rights movement?  Now, focus again on the issue at hand from today's news about the head of the Center for Medical Progress.  Does the argument against abortion become null and void because of the actions of a couple of people against it?  Would you (speaking to the hypothetical pro-choicer) say that your belief in abortion is wrong if you actually saw the selling of fetal tissue?

Nothing can take away from the truth that aborting a fetus is morally wrong because it is destroying a life, at least, for this prolife advocate.  I do believe that the prolife movement stands on the side of truth, not because of the videos that I have seen, but because of the prolifers and the pro-choicers I see standing around arguing.

To the Pro-Choicer: make sure that you tell your mom - "Thanks for being prolife!"

I mean how else would most of us be here to pick a side if our mothers thought that abortion was the top choice or only choice because we came at a bad time!!


The Apologetics Minion said...

Nice job on the blog article. If I had written it, what I would have said differently is that the reason abortion is wrong is that it is wrong to take the life of an innocent human being, which abortion does. Most people can agree with the principle, even if they deny that abortion does such a thing. Then all the work is in defending the fact that abortion does this. The "destroying a creation" angle can be applied to animals and trees, and I don't think you would agree with that take. Also, those who see us as accidents would quickly dismiss it.

Jerome A. Danner said...

Good point! Thank you for your comment!!

KJ said...

Jerome, overall I agree. Failings of an individual do not change the truth of a matter. However, as my mentor used to say, 'If they don't trust the messenger, they won't trust the message.'

So while I know what you mean, I do care about whether or not Daleiden and Merritt lied and created untruths about Planned Parenthood. If they did, then it will damage the cause and our credibility and people will not listen to our message. (I think there must be a more nuanced way of stating your point.)

Keep writing and fighting for the truth!

Jerome A. Danner said...

I appreciate KJ's comment. I would agree that the issue of abortion is a nuanced issue, but I don't see how the issue with Daleiden and Merritt play into it.

So, I cannot see it as: if the videos were edited and Daleiden and Merritt are liars, then abortion is good for society. Nor do I see it necessarily as: if the videos are unedited and Daleiden and Merritt are being completely truthful in their "investigative" work, then abortion is bad for society.

I just think that the issue has been and should be: is abortion morally wrong and can it be considered as murder or not?

Again, thanks for reading this blog, KJ!!