Feb 11, 2016

Sharing the Beauty of Christ and the Beauty of Being in Christ Through Podcast

As you may gather from going through my blog site, I love the Lord, and I love listening to podcasts.  I have been blessed with a job recently that allows for me to play podcasts almost all day when I am working from my desk.  I wish I had the time and the ability to do my own podcast, as I see it as a means of doing ministry.  Since I cannot do a podcast, I continue to listen to many, and every now and again, they spur me on to write a blog and air out my own thoughts.

Well, recently, one of my favorite podcasts asked for "fans" of their show to come on and speak about a subject that the "fan" was interested in.  Therefore, my love for the show, and my ideas behind podcasting, led me to jump at the chance to be on the show.  The podcast is called "After the Sermon" and its host is a young minister named Jeremy Lundmark.  He started a segment called "Uncredible" which gives those of us who are not well-known scholars to speak on vital issues in the body of Christ.  I had a blast being on the podcast with this insightful young brother in Christ, who was very gracious and kind as a host and interviewer.  I desired to speak on the beauty of Christ and the beauty of being in Christ, which was a sermon that I preached a few months back, that I still feel is so important to the Church today.

So, I wanted to post this blog because I really believe that "After the Sermon" deserves more listeners.  Not just because he allowed me to join him on an episode (I'm no one special, but because I think it may be beneficial to many others.  You may not always agree with what is said, but I do believe that Mr. Lundmark tries to be respectful and honest and loving when he gives his viewpoint on different topics from politics to the abortion issue.  Also, he is willing to take questions as well.  So, check him out!

Here is the episode that I appeared on: http://jeremylundmark.com/episode-29-church-vs-super-bowl-beauty-of-christ-immigration-war-eminent-domain-and-the-state-of-the-gop/

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